Miraflores Garbage Cans Are a Waste of Human Resources

Man do these garbage cans irritate me. I mean look at them! What’s the obvious problem here?  For those of you who don’t see it, the obvious problem is that there’s no easy way to flip open the lid and clean them out!  When the street cleaners of Miraflores come along, they’ll have to turn these cans over and try and shake everything out through the tiny little top hole.
That’s stupid!
Seriously folks, how much harder would it be to install a flip lid per unit?  Even if it costs you an extra $5 per can, think of the amount of time that’s saved in terms of man power for effectively emptying out the cans!
I see something like this and it just drives me nuts.  What a colossal waste of human work!  One tiny little decision in the planning stage and you have a far more effective, functional object.  The thing is, whoever designed these things obviously has absolutely no respect for the efficient use of human time!
When are people going to figure out that TIME is the most important commodity in the UNIVERSE.  There is a limited amount, it’s constantly ticking away, and you can’t get any more.  As a result, DON’T design a garbage can that requires somebody to reach into a tiny hole up to his/her elbow to clean the thing out.  That’s STUPID!!!
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