Miraflores Street Gardeners

Here’s a fairly common sight as you aimlessly wander around the streets of Miraflores.  Dudes getting some gardening done…or more accurately, dudes pulling the random street trash out of the plants that line the street.

This is another one of those unfortunate little quirks of Peruvians.  They seem to think that if they dump their trash out a window or something it just disappears into the ether (maybe part of this is due to the fact that the street garbage cans are poorly designed).

I remember when I used to ride the bus back and forth from Los Olivos, you’d see people just casually throwing their empty soda bottles out the window, etc.  People are goofy.

Oh well, I guess it makes for a job for guys like the above gardener, who has to cut the leaves to a uniform length and pick all the trash out of the bushes.  Still, at least he gets to cut some leaves.  The dudes in the all orange uniforms who sweep the city streets have the worst job.  I’m surprised a thousand of those people aren’t run down by crazy combis on a daily basis (who knows…maybe they are).

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