Mists Over Machu Picchu

Here’s another old picture of Machu Picchu that I just happened to come across and kind of like. This looks to be from over at the Intipunku entrance.

The camera I took this picture with is long since dead. It was a little piece of crap Olympus that was only something like 1.1 megapixels on a good day. I was probably annoyed with the image because I’m sure this is on full zoom and I was probably intending to get an image of the ruins.

Still, looking back on it now, I like the wider scope.  The clouds become the picture and the ruins are kind of something pleasant you discover in the image after regarding it for a while.

This is probably in January or so as well. I enjoy going to Machu Picchu in the low tourist season both because there are fewer people, and because the clouds and the rains tend to blow in giving you cool images like this!

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