Models on the Back of Smutty Taxi Magazines

I might have written about this once before, but it bears repeating.
There’s a quirky little social exchange that takes place in Lima thousands a times a day throughout the entire city. A person will hail a cab, negotiate a price, settle into the seat, and begin to relax as their chauffeur takes them to the agreed upon destination.  It’s a nice enough arrangement and something that everybody can pretty much agree is normal
What strikes me as strange is that sometimes the taxi driver will say, “would you like something to read?” all polite and nice and everything, and then pass back a magazine like the one in the image above.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman in the back, the driver actually thinks he’s doing his passenger a favor by handing him/her a magazine that has pictures of half-tranny looking girls on the back.
Now, I’m not opposed to magazines like that, I just think it’s remarkable that people are so cavalier about telling the whole world that they read them.  I mean, it seems like the type of magazine you’d stuff into a brown paper bag the moment you bought it along with a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk.
I don’t know, maybe there’s a whole counter culture of Lima that I’m totally unaware of (in fact, I’m pretty sure something like that exists) in which the locations of all the best parties are hidden in code in magazines like the 50 centimo atrocity in the above image.
If you’re in Lima now, go to your nearest bodega and buy as many copies of as many trash magazines as you can afford, then sit around in your apartment for the next four months like John Nash in a “Beautiful Mind.”  Who knows what you might find, and it will most likely change your life for the better!
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