More Fallen Warriors–Rex Chatterman

So here I am with my future wife and Rex Chatterman at the Corner bar during the great super bowl day of the Colts and Bears (what year was that? end of 2006, beginning of 2007?). You can read more about it here in this brilliant article. Anyway, as you can see, Rex had a love for me, maybe too much. He’s dwelling miserable in Korea now reflecting upon the brilliant fun days that he used to have back when he shared my universally charmed personal space. Oddly enough, in the background of this photo are Clyde and Tom (in the white Steelers hat) with whom I have spent the subsequent years. Tom, in fact, was in my wedding ceremony, although I didn’t know that would be the case as I sat there getting wasted and chanting “Rex Grossman Sucks!”

We had a good day that day. Jason Woods was also there of livinginperu writing fame.

So essentially, the purpose of this article is to get Rex Chatterman to go up to the top of this article and click that little blue button that says Share on Facebook. Have you found it Rex? It’s right here:

Actually, now that I think of it, ALL you people who read this blog need to “SHARE ON FACEBOOK.”

Of course, I’m so behind the times, that’s probably not even the way people communicate anymore…what’s the new fad? Twitter? You get behind the times here in Peru, I remember that I didn’t know what the hell American Idol was until season four (didn’t miss much really). Actually, that’s the main thing you find out in Peru…most of the stuff you miss out on is all a bunch of crap anyway.

Peru rocks!

Rex will return….oh yess….Beliza is waiting for you still at Rustica!

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