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I had a really interesting comment on my “Why I Hate Pitucos” article recently. To read it, click on that link and then scroll down to the post by “Anonymous” on March 3rd, 2013. It’s interesting how people sometimes really open up on Anonymous blogs like this. Anyway, the story is about a Peruvian and his struggles with social preconceptions. The poor guy was born in Peru but raised elsewhere. He married a Pacific Islander who was not accepted by his family even though she was a very accomplished individual. The feud led to him essentially cutting off contact with his whole family. I’ve been through that myself, and although it hurts at first, it was the right choice, at least for me (it’s been years now and some of the good ones are coming over to my side, which is gratifying).
That was a very interesting, thought provoking comment.
After that, I got a piece of hate mail on my article “Sacred Valley Massage Girls Reflect Poorly on Peru.” That one was posted on March 5, 2013. It’s interesting how half the assertions the guy makes in his comment are completely false. For the record, I have been given first hand accounts that many (not all) of the massage girls in the Sacred Valley will perform sexual acts. I’m not “assuming” they’re all prostitutes, but the situation is a little sketchy, exactly as I said in my title it “reflects poorly on Peru.” Also, I stand by the assertion that if the “profession” of standing around on a corner and saying “would you like a massage” to every person who looked like they had a dollar in their pocket was legitimate, you’d see it happening in rich areas as well as poor ones.  Seriously, where is the flaw in my logic?
But you never know what type of naive fools are commenting when they post anonymously. It’s just sort of amusing to go through the limited data that exists (that being the text of their actual comment), and demonstrate how it makes them look like total morons.
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