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Here’s a shot from out the window of my building. You know what you’re looking at there? You’re looking at freedom! You’re looking at the skyline of the best city in the world, Lima, Peru.

In all fairness, this was kind of a foggy day. This is right in the middle of Miraflores, not the part of Miraflores with all the buildings, just a little to the North of that, meandering over in the direction of the Ovalo de Gutierrez. On a sunny day you can see the ocean, but on this day all you saw was fog. The dark, gray fog that rolls into Miraflores and stays there for about six months. I remember discussing that fog with Kyle back when he used to inhabit these streets with me. The fog makes you angry after a while, not seeing the sun makes you crazy. You start walking out into traffic just to hear the horns go off and to feel the rush of power as rusty old trucks come to a shaking halt (if the breaks work that is).

On that first building in the foreground, there is an upstairs bathroom which you can sometimes see right into. Nobody’s ever going to the bathroom in there (I would think it would be too cold and breezy), but catching that someday is a distinct possibility. I know of more than one person in our building who camps out on the balcony with binoculars just hoping for that eventuality. If it ever happens, I’m sure the video will be available on

Yup, there you go, another snapshot of the greatest city in the world. Second place isn’t even close, don’t even try to argue it.

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