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I’m in a writing mood tonight, so be careful! I just put down five pages in some random folder that I’ll probably never open again, it just pours out sometime, and now I’m thinking that I should fill in all my “Streets of Lima” articles until June of 2032. We’ll see if I can get that done! Just one wild night of cataloging all my excellent photos and hacking on about them like a maniac until my fingers bleed and my eyes go red from LCD intoxication.

Probably not possible.

So what’s happening in the above picture. It appears some kid is running at me through some purplish early morning Cusco light. The twelve point stone is off somewhere to the right, and to this day I still don’t know the significance of that damn stone. Probably because I adamantly refuse to take any kind of informed tour no matter where I go. I always assume those fuckers are just lying, but it’s been brought to my attention that such an attitude is rather “cynical.” Well, maybe so, but I bet none of those charlatans can come up with a better story, truthful or not, than my deranged rantings and hallucinations, so to hell with it.

On this morning in particular, the winds of the travel gods were behind us. The wife and I marched boldy through those cold Cusco morning streets. Cusco’s a nice town, but I don’t know if I could live there. the tourists still come flickering through, but much faster than in Lima, you don’t get a chance to see them and point and laugh like you do here. And Cusco’s easier on the tourist, but maybe that’s the case of the difference between all small and big cities.

Ok, that’s enough for this excellent photograph. Did you put me on your twitter yet. Do it, do it now!

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