More Praise from an Ignorant American

Check out the comment I just deleted:

Hey, way to be an arrogant and ignorant American, who thinks he knows it all. “Lima the best city in the world.” – You obviously should do more traveling. Oh, nope. I forgot you are ignorant, and you will dismiss other possibilities, way to go, loser.
By Anonymous on About Streets of Lima on 3/21/11

Wow…of all the things I’ve ever written I didn’t expect “Lima is the best city in the world” to provoke such unbridled rage.  Dude…this is a BLOG where I express my OPINION, and I just happen to love Lima, Peru.  
You know, I also think it’s weird that the guy would accuse me of being an “arrogant and ignorant” American for praising Lima.  I mean, if I were praising Dayton, Ohio as “the greatest city in the world” then yes, that would be the comment of an ignorant American (seriously, nobody think’s Dayton is the best city in the world, my apologies to all residents of Dayton…but even you guys have to agree with me on this one).
If I had said “Chicago is the greatest city in the world” I’m sure a lot of people would have agreed with me because Chicago is pretty frickin’ awesome…but it still would have shown a lot of American prejudice (and thus justified some sort of “arrogant American” comment).
But what does the fact that I’m American have to do with me praising Lima?  I would guess most American’s wouldn’t praise Lima.  To me THOSE are the arrogant and ignorant Americans, the ones who think America is the tops even though they’ve never been anywhere else or done anything else.
There are plenty of other things I’ve written on this blog that make me sound arrogant, ignorant, entitled, (pick any unflattering adjective you want), but saying I love Lima isn’t one of those things.
And, just for the record, I actually have been all over the world, Madrid, Chicago, London, Berlin, Caracas, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York, blah, blah, blah…and if I could be in any city right now, I’d pick LIMA, PERU….why?  Because it’s the best fucking city in the world you anonymous bastard!
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