More Reasons Why Peru is More Awesome than the USA: La Antojeria

There is this little restaurant just around the corner from my house that I’m starting to love called La Antojeria. This place is like the Peruvian equivalent of Perkins, except that when you go there you’re only going to spend 7 dollars for your meal instead of the 20 or so you inevitably spend at any overpriced chain (Beat the recession in Peru…I keep telling you…and have a life altering experience at Machu Picchu!).

The name “La Antojeria” is kind of a play on words (from my understanding) on the spanish phrase for “something that tempts you.” It’s one of those weird little Spanish word games where the name of the restaurant means, “the place where the things tempt you.”

I went in there the other day and we had some of their gigantic juices (really tasty) and their beef and potatoes (pictured below…it was so good I only remembered to take a picture after I’d already eaten half of it).

After we ate, they gave us a survey to rate how good it was….well, I really don’t like doing surveys, so instead of my name I put Hector Pancho Santiago (“Pancho” was supplied by a comment to this blog entry). And I put my age as 75 years.

Then I filled out my wife’s survey and said her name was Sophia Flor Jovencita and that she was 19 years old. My wife got really embarrassed at my antics, and as we were leaving (she rushed me out of there) she looked back and saw that the waiters were reading our comment cards with looks of horror. I was kind of hoping they were thinking, “Way to go Hector Pancho Santiago!”

Anyway, here’s the front door:

And here’s the beef plate I like to eat:

Look, lima is filled with the ultimate in gourmet food, but you just can’t eat it 24-7. In fact, it’s just too rich to even eat more than once a week or so. The best thing you can do before going to one of the gourmet places in the evening is to just lay down a plate of something simple to give your stomach a chance to deal with a challenge it KNOWS it can handle. Only afterwards should you do something daring like try to suck down some live oysters or whatever (they crawl around inside you when you eat them…weird).
Meat and potatoes baby! You can eat here six times a day!
How to get there? Well, it’s right across the street from Gianfranco’s Cafe. So go to that article, read it, and look at the map.

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