Uff, this one was a little rough. Much like in my other Scandal at Haiti article, here we have a very young person with a very old person and my impression is we’re not looking at a mother/son, aunt/nephew situation. What kind of cracks me up about this is that it reminds me of a half dozen hollywood movies that have been out lately about women whose husbands leave them for younger men, and for the first half of the movie the whole THEME is how evil it is for an older person to get involved in a physical relationship with a younger person, but then at the end of the movie, the abandoned wife picks up some boy toy and uses him to make the husband feel miserable.

Look, I think it’s FINE that older women date younger men, and I think it’s only an unfortunate aspect of America’s ridiculous puritan background that ANYBODY makes ANY objection. But if we’re going to present that it’s OK for older WOMEN to date younger men then it has to be OK for older MEN to date younger women as well!

My problem is that many times there will be a pattern of behaivor that is criticised when men do it and it’s OK when women do it. For that reason, anytime somebody comes up with a scenario, I always consider it with the gender of the protagonists reversed and try to anticipate what the reaction would be. This is especially fun when you’re with some woman who is recounting a story about some “evil,” “sexist,” man, and the second she gets done, you tell the same story where the main character (who does the same things) is a woman. If the original storyteller can’t find fault in your protagonist, you can pretty much discredit everything else she says for the whole rest of the time you talk to her.

My guess is the guy above is some poor backpacker from Poland being shamelessly used for his…frankly not so impressive, body. But hey, the guy has frickin’ choices, so if he wants to toss that big lady around for a while, good for him.

The point is, women do this shit too! That makes it OK!

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