More thoughts on the American woman vs the Peruvian Woman Controversy

I got a pretty funny comment the other day on my article “Are Peruvian Women Crazy or What?” (which only got its title from a phrase that somebody stuck into a search engine and eventually came to my site). You know, the more I get out there where random people can just stumble across me, the more I realize that the world is made up of every kind of weirdo and wacko that you can imagine. Seriously…it’s actually made up of even more than you can imagine because half the people that exist out in there you wouldn’t ever believe existed except for the fact that you’ve come across them in real life.

Now, I alluded to a controversy between American and Peruvian women in the title of this article (and I hilariously put a picture of a sign that simply says “make love” at the top of this post…my cleverness knows no bounds obviously). It seems like everyone wants to weigh in on this, but just for the record let me just state that I personally believe Peruvian women are way up on American women (and no…not because they’re “obedient” and you’re ethnocentric for even suggesting that). The reason is simply that Peruvian women are a lot more reasonable than American women. They don’t have absurd demands, and they’re willing to work both in their personal and professional lives. My observation with American women is that they think they’re entitled to something (probably because that’s what shows like “Sex in the City” seem to imply) simply due to the fact that they were born females, and they end up miserable and divorced and they can’t even bother to make the effort to have a good time if you aren’t doing EXACTLY what they want to do…no compromise, no commitment.

However, other people have had a different experience, as evidenced by the following comment that I previously mentioned and will now present to you (take note that I disagree with approximately 100% of the articles mentioned in the following paragraph):

This is strange that I happened upon this website. My hubby and I have a very good friend whose wife divorced him a few years ago. He went to Peru to “find a new wife” as he read and heard the women there are “obedient”, “do what their man wants”, “home-loving”, “do not work outside the home”, “worship their man”, “never look at another man”, “cook, sew, keep the home immaculate”, “love a houseful of children” and are always intent on pleasing their man. Hehe…Well, he did indeed find a wife, and it took a year to get her into the US. As soon as she got “settled her” and became a citizen..WOW…did things change!! She did NONE of the above, was filthy, dirty, would not do ANY housework..even though she EXPECTED a “top-of-the-line” home and went through her husband’s money like water! Soon,,arguements insued..really BAD ones…such as hitting her husband over the head with a frying pan, etc. It ended when he called my hubby..barely able to speak with severe stomach cramps. We called 911 and also went to the hospital. He had been POISONED, and is very, very lucky to be alive. Thankfully, there was an immediate investigation, the “poison food” was found in the garbage at his home, and his wife was charged with attempted murder!! Basically, all she was after was a “ticket” to the U.S. Well…hehe…now she had a “ticket” to prison and will be sent BACK to Peru. This is just ONE guy, but I’ve read about others who endured the same thing…oddly…poisoning. So…guys…think BEFORE you marry one of these Peruvian women! They are NOT what they seem to be…

Cough…cough…now how exactly should I respond to this? Well, I think I’ll start off by saying that anyone who is looking for a wife who fits the parameters mentioned in this comment must be a bone dead moron (I would have used the “r” word but I didn’t want Sarah Palin calling for my resignation…since she gets really upset when people use the scientific term for her intelligence level as a derogatory word). Any guy who goes down to Peru in order to get married to some subservient girl is just fooling himself and more or less deserves to get poisoned as far as I’m concerned.

However, even that whole poisoning part seems to be something out of urban legend since I think the general media would have picked up a story like that (although the general media is so anti-male that it is possible that anything even remotely derogatory against women would have been ignored…but since our media tends to view women from other countries as sub-human [strange they never get criticized for that] then I suppose it is possible).

Let me assure you that it is possible to meet a wonderful, loving Peruvian woman. You just have to be the type of person who is willing to put in…oh about 80 hours a week…in pursuit of a functional relationship (I think it takes between 100-160 hours a week with an American woman, but that’s just an estimate…and you’re never quite as happy even when it’s really firing). However, before you marry anyone from Peru, you should probably live in Peru for at least five years and become fluent in Spanish.

There is no such thing as a functional mail-order bride. So don’t confuse your own personal relationship problems with the dysfunction of an entire culture! Psycho!

Yes, there are people who are only marrying for money and stability. But just about everybody is marrying for stability, and if you go looking for your “subservient” wife, then you’re just looking for somebody who is telling you what you want to hear. I guarantee the fifty previous women who slapped you in the face and called you an “asshole” would have all been hard working capable people. It’s only somebody really desperate who would accede to your conditions (and I’m not buying this “very good friend” bullshit…we all know it was you).

I’m 100% happy with my Peruvian wife who is a hard working, caring, and very disobedient (I say that with a smirk) person (obedience is so boring:). Also, toe to toe with any American woman, I’ll take my wife, because she’s actually lived through a few things instead of just experienced things vicariously through hours and hours of the aforementioned “Sex and the City.”

I guess the end point of this article is…don’t be a dumbass our you’ll probably get poisoned…but one thing about dumbasses, it’s hard to tell them anything.

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  1. Anonymous

    ¡Peruvian women ARE american women you fool!
    A peruvian who is not asian, not australian, not african, not antartican but am "american".

  2. Anonymous

    yes…no pueden generalizar a las personas, sean peruanas, americanas, marcianas, etc…

  3. Sb

    Did your random commentor mention that her husband's friend probably "found" his brichera (30 years younger) at Tequila Rocks? That's like looking for a wife at a strip club.

  4. Palin is a retard? Please provide examples?

    I have issue with the Sarah Palin being a retard comment. Really she is a retard, why!! One example of her being dumb? Oh, wait the chosen one Obama just stated he has visited nearly 57 states, and it is on video, but the public is not out calling him a retard. The press intentionally went after Sarah Palin to make her look dumb, but embraced Obama giving him fluff questions. When Palin went on the liberal media she did not make conditions and demand the questions in advance. But when the chosen one went on Oreilly and Hannity he demanded the questions and then wanted to review the footage and before he agreed to be interviewed and he still looked like an idiot. He did not answer a single one of Bill Oreilly's questions. As a president he is completely in-affective and is an embracement. I challenge you to write an article on why she is a retard. You assume it is so obvious that everyone will agree with your statement. I challenge you, show your skills as a writer. I mean Obama sounds like he has diarrhea of the mouth with all his studdering and stammering but no-one talks about that. Another fine example, Palin writes six words on her hand and she is a retard, But Obama has used a tele-prompter for every single speak since early in his campaign, but he is so smart. The liberal media is scared of her because she does not fit the mold they had in mind, because she is a conservative. It may be said that anyone that is not a conservative is looking for a handout and is scared they can not provide for themselves and want the government to provide for them!! Oh, yah the liberal press was really put off by the fact that she did not abort her "retarded" son even after she know that he would be born with cognitive problems, they are just so offended by a truly strong woman. This great county was build by revolutionaries that had conservative beliefs (fact) not South Chicago liberals that want to cater to the public housing vote. I think George Washington would roll in his grave if he saw just how horrible of a president Obama has become. Anyway I will be waiting for the Palin article!

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