Moto Filled With Bananas

My buddy George had this image of a moto brimming with bannans (“brimming” with bananas should be the name of an alternative/gay band or something don’t you think…now that I’ve thrown that out there, what kind of songs do you think they’d sing….”and now, the latest from ‘brimming with bananas’ their hit song, chocolate banana milkshake rimjob!”).

Wow…I write some crazy shit when I’m semi-tired.  Maybe I should throw a little alcohol into the equation and see where that takes me?
Anyway, if you go out to the Peruvian jungle, you’ll often see guys driving around on motorcycles like this with bananas or garbage or something flying off in every single direction at once.
My advice….
Don’t tailgate, because they’re prone to sudden stops and you don’t want to rear-end them.
Why….why is this post so weird?  
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