Mountain Street Vendors

When you and your friends find your cheap flights and manage to make your dream trip to Peru a reality, one of the things that you’ll probably enjoy is haggling with artisans over the price of their wares.  This is pretty much a time honored custom, and it’s amazing how good a price you can get on a product when you go directly to the manufacturer (and that manufacturer is a man or woman who wove the thread from the sheep he/she owns).

The trap that most tourists fall into is that they end up buying their Inca sweaters and blankets in Lima, but you can get a much better price on the outskirts of Cusco (in a place like in the above picture).  You’ve got to remember that if you find something in Lima, it’s because somebody shipped it there from somewhere else, so if you’re buying it in Lima, you’re paying for the shipping.
But besides that, the view is just better if you’re chatting with some artisans on the outskirts of Lima.  I mean, LOOK at that picture, and I just took it from inside the van.  You can see from the reflection that I didn’t even open the door!
These kind of shopping opportunities are just another one of the things that make Peru so unique, so grab your United Airlines ticket and get traveling!
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