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Just in case you were curious, the genesis for “Streets of Lima” actually came from the idea of writing movie reviews.  Some time in 2008, I approached Carsten of about the idea of writing movie reviews for his site.  My idea was that I could do the 50 or so required reviews to get into one of the official online movie review writer’s guilds, and then have the reviews appear on  I figured that would be a good way to drive some traffic to a web site.  Carsten agreed and I set about writing the prerequisite 50 reviews you are required to have for consideration.
However, before I finished, I ended up taking the editing job at Living in Peru, only to find that the voice of that site was kind of conservative for my standards.  I’d already been writing Streets of Lima by then, which allowed me to vent like a madman whenever I wanted to.
Since then I’ve still done the occasional movie review, and I decided that it might be nice to put them all together on one page so you can peruse them at your leisure…so here they are.

Fast Five
Hangover II
The Social Network
Video Piracy

Conan the Barbarian
US Movie Rating System
The Expendables
Soy Andina
The Last Movie
Kick Ass
Spartacus Blood and Sand Review
Clash of the Titans Then and Now
Defiance and Law Abiding Citizen
Stealing the Head of Optimus Prime
Shutter Island Review
More on Avatar

Boondock Saints
Where the Wild Things Are
The Hangover
20 Minute Preview of Avatar
Classic Movies at Polvos Azules
Terminator Salvation
Iron Maiden Flight 666
La Teta Asustada
American Psycho

Breaking and Entering
Burn After Reading
Madagascar 2-Escape 2 Africa
88 Minutes
Body of Lies
The Other Boleyn Girl
I am Legend
Pride and Glory
Quantum of Solace 11/20/08
Dioses 11/08/08
Lassie 10/24/08
Death Sentence 10/24/08
Tropic Thunder 10/16/08
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 10/3/08
Iron Man 10/3/08
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 10/3/08
Street Kings 10/3/08
21 10/3/08
What Happens in Vegas 10/3/08
The Incredible Hulk 10/3/08
The Happening 10/3/08
Seraphim Falls 10/3/08
It’s All About Love 10/3/08
Kung Fu Panda 10/3/08
Hancock 10/3/08
The Dark Knight 10/3/08
Beowulf 3D 10/3/08
Wanted 10/3/08
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 10/3/08
Hellboy II 10/3/08
Taken 10/3/08
We Own the Night 10/3/08
Awake 10/3/08
Eagle Eye 10/3/08

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