Movie Review: Mancora

A couple months ago I sat down and watched Mancora. I got it off Netflix because my wife was feeling a little homesick for Peru (Cheap Tickets to Peru) and Mancora is a Peruvian film.
It’s kind of a fun movie actually, especially the part right in the beginning where they’re hanging around Miraflores.  Zulma and I were like, “Hey…that’s right next to Si Senor!” or “Hey…that’s the suicide bridge!”
No sooner did we recognize the suicide bridge than a guy in the film decided to use it for that purpose…although it’d be pretty difficult to commit suicide off the suicide bridge these days since they’ve put up a special plastic guard thing (a segment was removed to accommodate the character in “Mancora”).
Anyway, the rest of the film deals with how the extended family of the guy who commits suicide deals with it.  Principally involved is the reaction of the dude’s son, who decides to drive up to Mancora and go surfing and chase a few girls around (always a good way to forget heartache…or replace it with some other heartache).
Now…I watched this film a few months ago and I really wasn’t paying good enough attention even then…but something weird happens.  This girl and her husband decide to accompany the young guy, and the girl seems to know the guy pretty well from somewhere.  I was under the impression that they were brother and sister or something…but this chick flirts with the guy so much that I decided to reject that assumption (although I might be wrong).
Anyway, this girl’s husband is a total dipshit and he is completely oblivious to the fact that his wife wants to bang her brother (or whatever relation he is to her).  Still, the American dipshit husband just rolls with the punches and finds some other people to bang in vengeance (sweet vengeance).  There’s also a scene where a drug dealer starts asking the guy too many questions and they go into that uncomfortable, “you’re my drug dealer and not my friend” dialogue that all of us know so well.  Oh…when I say the guy’s American you hardly notice.  Most of the film he’s speaking Spanish and seems pretty at home in the Latin community.  Who knows where they really got this guy.  There’s also a guy who claims to be from Brazil but his accent is totally screwed up too.
The film also has Anahí de Cárdenas who was also in Dioses.  The main thing about her is that she simply isn’t as hot as she thinks she is…and seems to have made a career of just looking bored about everything all the time.
Anyway, my conclusion about Mancora is that it’s 100% exactly like what life is like in Peru 100% of the time.  You should just rent this movie and watch it repeatedly instead of ever going to Peru.  No…I’m just kidding, going to Peru is better (American Airlines Flights).
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