My Half-Peruvian Baby Has Blue Eyes

I suppose a couple of you who read this blog are thinking, “oh my gosh…is this guy’s blog going to turn into a bunch of articles in which he gushes over his baby?”  Well, I think you can rest assured that there are plenty of things in this world that drive me into a psychotic rant, and I also think that since my baby calms me and fills me with happiness, I should be able to allow myself one or two articles of “gushing” per month.

Anyway, when little Sofia was born, I was excited about her blue eyes.  The reason is that my wife’s eyes are brown (like most Peruvian women’s) and, well, the blue eyes were the clearest indication of me in that cute little angelic face.
Then the doctors told me that all babies are born with a bluish tint to their eyes and that the color changes anywhere from between 7 weeks and 7 months.  Actually a lot of people have told me this…however, all of them have been American.
In contrast, all of the Peruvians I’ve talked to say that Peruvian babies aren’t born with blue eyes.  Most of them are born with brown eyes and the eyes stay brown.
You know, when you come right down to it, having a baby is a great exercise in getting a bunch of useless statements of “fact” from every idiot that happens to get close to you.  It seems a little absurd for nurses and doctors to defiantly declare, “ALL babies are born with blue eyes” only to admit that they’ve never seen a baby born in Peru or Thailand or China.  My wife gets a little disgusted at comments like these and states that Americans have to stop thinking of America as the entire world.  It’s true, a little bit more of a global perspective isn’t going to do you any harm folks…and at least you could all learn that you shouldn’t make these blanket statements of fact that apply to the WHOLE world that really are only “factual” when applied to America (I know that people accuse me of doing the same thing…but nobody takes me seriously, so there’s no irresponsibility in my actions).
When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t really matter what color my daughter’s eyes are.  If they’re brown, I’m sure they’ll be a beautiful and insightful brown, if they’re green, I’m sure it will be an alluring and intelligent green, anything’s fine as long as she can see OK out of them 🙂 (everything becomes about health during this “parenting” thing).
Oh, from the genetics aspect, people tell me that brown is dominant and you get one gene from the father and one from the mother, so for Sofia to have blue eyes, my wife needs to have a recessive blue eye gene that was passed down.  Well, I asked her and apparently there are people in her family with blue eyes, so it is possible.
I guess I’ll just have to keep you posted.  For now, her eyes are blue and they seem to be getting lighter as the weeks go on.  But if they change to brown I’ll post it here.
It’s kind of hard to see how blue her eyes are in the photo, she’s got really dark eyes, but they’re blue for now (it’s hard to get it to show up in a picture).  We’ll see!

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  1. gls5000

    Our Anglo-Peruvian 7-month-old girl has dark grey eyes. I'm not sure if it's the final colour. The hair at this stage is meaningless anyway.

    "having a baby is a great exercise in getting a bunch of useless statements of "fact" from every idiot that happens to get close to you".

    It's a nightmare isn't it? Thankfully you're in the US so you'll avoid most of the absurd nuggets of information you get from Peruvian women. The latest I heard was that our child won't be any good at maths because she's skipping the crawling stage and going straight to walking. What?!

    Everybody here insists on putting babies face down to sleep too, even the nurse said this (because apparently they can choke on their vomit). It seems nobody here has heard of cot death; everywhere else babies are put down to sleep face up.

    Anyway, I'm quite partial to dark brown eyes myself but non-brown eyes (ojos gatos) are very popular in Peru.

  2. 09/27/2016

    How lucky for Sofia to have fair eyes and dark hair; a beautiful combination. I know a couple who has dark hair and dark eyes but all three of their children are blue eyed. One of the children is even blonde.

  3. Anonymous

    Congrats on your baby!
    That is a blessing!
    I think we should be careful to judge cultural perspectives here. As a Peruvian woman, we do have a lot of beliefs which maybe be considered absurd in US standards (and vice versa). Nonetheless, what matters most is th ebabies health, and I do believe Peruvian women have a more natural perspective when it comes to nurture. meaning we dont heavely rely on medicine and doctor visits as in the US. Remedios caseros have worked for eons. Its all about perspective,

  4. Anonymous

    Im expecting a baby girl in Aug. I am 100 percent peruvian and the dad is American with bright blue eyes. Im hoping my baby gets her daddy's eyes like your baby girl! She's gorgeous!!!!

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