Neal and Mom in Sacsayhuaman

Here’s a couple more Sacsayhuaman pictures. As you can see, it’s pretty tough to take a bad picture there. I took these back in…er…must have been around 2005? Whenever it was that my mom came to visit me with her…gasp…boyfriend, how scandalous. My mom’s boyfriend’s name is Neal and he’s Frank’s dad. You might remember Frank from this great article.

Yep, Frank’s been my friend for a long time, but the fact that his dad dates my mom makes us practically related (see Drexl in “True Romance” for the best ever utterance of the phrase “that makes us practically related”).

Here’s a picture in the happy couple at Sacsayhuaman.

And here’s a picture of Neal snapped between the ancient columns of the mighty fortress. As you can see, Neal is peering out into the horizon much like a young Ernest Hemmingway, except in his right hand in stead of nothing, he should be holding a shrunken human head.

Anyway, seriously, if you haven’t seen Sacsayhuaman yet, you should, that place is frickin’ awesome!

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  1. 09/28/2016

    Hey Brother, er my "practical brother as Drexel might say…

    Gosh, I love that movie. There could be many blog posts just done on that one movie, especially the scene in the Old Man's trailer by the rail road tracks where he tells the "?Blue Lou?" the story about Sicilians!

    Or how about Samuel L Jackson's 1 minute or so appearance where he talks about how he'll "eat any damn thing" until he gets shot.

    There we go, totally random jabber that had very little to really do with the initial blog post – success! The take away here is that both True Romance and Sacsayhuaman, as well as Marva and Neal are awesome!

    Anyway keep the posts coming. Lots of great stuff and fun reads!

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