New Balance 15k race is this Weekend

Well, this picture represents a mistake for me! When I first got back to Peru I noticed billboards for this New Balance 15k. 15k is a nice distance (about 10 miles). It’s the sort of thing you can just jump into with basic fitness. I’ve always thought 10ks were kind of short, and half marathons you kind of half to take seriously, so 15k is ideal.
However, the darn date of the race wasn’t on the billboards (typical good planning). I did eventually find out from the web page that the race is happening this weekend, but of course the inscriptions closed a week ago. It’s actually frickin’ tough to get into a running race here in Peru. You can’t just show up the morning of the event and register. Instead, you have to go to one of three or four specific places that host the event and pay there, then you have to pick up your bib in a different location…sure, it’s not “end of the world” difficult, but it’s annoying enough so that you get left out in the cold if you become aware of the event late.
I wrote Inca Runners about this and they told me that they might be able to get me in, but I don’t think I’m going to go that route. I’ll just do a long run on Sunday instead.
If you’re curious about where the race is going, check out their web page here. I think it’s neat that they have a picture of Dick Beardsley on their page (he came in second in the Boston Marathon one year, and hold’s the course record for Grandma’s Marathon).
Good luck to all of you who are running!
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