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About a month ago I sent out the first expatriates of Lima newsletter to the expatriates of Peru Facebook group (if you’re not a part of this group, you can sign in by using the link on the navbar above).
In response, I got about a half dozen nice emails with people telling me various stuff that’s going on and giving me links to various blogs.  In short, it was a good start, however, I’d like to see EVEN MORE communication so that people who are living in Peru (cheap flights) and looking for a good time know where to express themselves.
Frankly, Streets of Lima fulfills a need because most of the other Peru web pages are for stuffy old retired people who don’t want to have any fun.  Everybody knows that ANYTHING GOES on the Streets of Lima, so this is the place to send stuff if you don’t want it to get censored (  Also, I’m not about to start judging anyone because I know better than anyone that once the judging gets started, I’ll be among the first to get…well, severely punished (don’t want any of that).
However, I’d just like to note that among the emails and facebook messages that came to me, quite a few were in regards to charitable organizations and events in Lima.  Among them were Manos Unidas Peru which would be a good place to start if you are looking for a place to donate some time or money.  They’re trying to build a school and since they are only asking for $3500, this seems like a pretty reasonable undertaking (it’s surprising how far you can make a little money and goodwill stretch in Peru).  They also have a web page here.  Here’s a little blurb about them:
Manos Unidas Peru is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2008 in Cusco, Peru. We provide quality education and teacher training opportunities to serve children and young adults from all social classes with developmental disabilities, down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy. Our mission is to implement programs that facilitate successful inclusive educational and work opportunities for persons with special needs in the Andean region.
Here’s their donation page.
Once you’ve gotten done donating to Manos Unidos, you might want to relax by playing a little cricket!  Among the other facebook messages I received was one from Erika Haro White (look for her on facebook for further questions) who had this to say:
The Lima Cricket Club is trying to recruit new members in order to comply with the ICC Federation.  No need to be a cricket expert, in fact they are giving free lessons on Sunday from 9 to 11 am.  If anyone is interested in having a go and meet more expats and Peruvians, just drop me a line.
Even though the date has passed, I’m sure the Lima Cricket Club is still looking for people (if anyone knows where it is, please put the address down in the comments).
So, for those of you who were planning a trip to Peru (American Airlines flights) and wondering where you need to go to either help out or have fun…now you have your answers!

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