Night Trains in Barranco

I was out in Barranco last night and I took this blurry night image of the train car that’s right near the plaza. Apparently it’s a nice little romantic restaurant, but we didn’t go and eat there, we just walked by it. As we were walking along and I was taking this picture, these two guys kind of stumbled up to us looking a little rough around the corners and a little dirty, and that’s fine and all if you want to be like that and be peaceful, but these guys looked like they might not be quite so peaceful, they looked like they might be on the verge of getting serious.

Now, I freely recognize that all of this might have been going on in my head, but that doesn’t make it any less real (at least for me), so I stuffed my camera back into my pocket and looked at these two kind of cloudy hooligans, just trying to imagine what kind of crazy thoughts and images might be rattling around their otherwise painstakingly emptied minds (or full perhaps, what do I know?), and they looked right back at me, and you know what they said?

Standing there in the middle of Barranco in the middle of the night surrounded by soggy wet clouds and darkness. Yep, those two crusty mad men just looked at me and said:

“good evening.”


So I said good evening back and we made our way to the car. Kind of anti-climatic I know but what can you do?

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