No Swine Flu (or Ah1n1) in Peru, the Truth is Revealed

Well, I got this chart from World Health Organization (a web page with truthful information on it). It’s funny how none of this information appears anywhere in the media. Sure, we have a bunch of stories that are like “boooo! Swine flu is going to kill you!” but no actual statistics about Swine Flu.

Oh, speaking of that, remember how they’ve decided to change the name because “Swine” flu was causing people to incorrectly avoid pork products? Well, whos brilliant idea was it to change the name to AH1N1 flu? When you change the name of something that’s already in the public record, the only way you are going to get people to actually start USING that name is by giving it a COOLER name than it had before. They should have called it “Hydra” flu, or “Trident” flu, or “Death” flu. Calling it a series of unrememberable numbers is just being intentionally incompetent.

But aside from that, looking at the above chart is fairly revealing. First of all you’ll notice that the US is the most infected country in the world, thus making me wish that Peru (which has no confirmed cases as yet) should stop flights from there. Yeah, that’s right, stay in America with your swine flu until you get yourself cleaned up guys! Don’t go infecting all of South America! Peru blocked flights from Mexico, why not from the US? Some weird political power struggle appears to be playing out. It’s probably because if you block flights to Mexico, the Mexicans are like, “Ok, yeah, we understand, we are in the middle of an epidemic, so that’s cool.” But if you dare to suggest blocking flights from america the Americans go, “how DARE you…who the HELL do you think you are! We’re AMERICANS!” and they can’t be reasonable about it.

But, again, let’s just put that aside once more and look at the numbers. 8480 reported cases in the WORLD. What’s the current world population? Something like 6 BILLION? That’s 6,000,000,000? That means that only .00014 % of the population is even infected. And there have been 8480 cases but only 72 deaths? That means your chances of survival SHOULD you become infected are 99.16%.

Are you KIDDING me?

I guess it’s all another example of how the media just blows everything out of proportion in pursuit of a good story. In all reality, more people have probably DIED freaking out about Swine flu than from actually getting swine flu itself.

But like I said before, there’s no Swine flu in Peru, so we have .84% less to worry about than the rest of you.

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  1. Anonymous

    They should have called it the Ms. Piggy Death Syndrome.

  2. Anonymous

    Those statistics are actually incorrect. My friend had swine flu back on 2009. His parents had to turn one area of their apartment into "isolated space" as my friend had to sleep, eat and do whatever else in that area.

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