My wife and I recently did a trip to Cusco just to spend the weekend there (that’s one of the many benefits of living in Peru), and we ended up astounded by Ollantaytambo. Now, I’ve been to Ollantaytambo (every time I write or say that word I get excited that I can pronounce it), I’ve been overwhelmed by it. Peru is amazing in that basically everywhere you look you see a fantastic ancient structure that, if located in any other country in the world, would in itself be a completely valid reason to draw millions of yearly tourists. In Peru, everbody knows Machu Picchu, but if Machu Picchu wasn’t there, there is a list of about 50 other archaeological sites (conservative estimate) which could instantly step up and take Machu Picchu’s place.

In the brief video above, you can see a 360 degree spin from the center of the ruins that kind of gives you an idea as to the scope and majesty of the place. Seriously, this is a set of ruins you don’t want to miss, and my prediction is that Ollantaytambo will be the next tourist destination to start filling up and be overdeveloped like Cusco is (actually, Cusco isn’t “overdeveloped” it’s just that you can still get land in Ollantaytambo for 45$ a square meter, that’s not the case in Cusco I don’t think).

Check it out!

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