On a Boat in Pucalpa

This is another one of those great things about Peru. The place is surrounded by the Amazon rainforest. You can jump on a plane and be in the jungle in an hour. From there it’s a little bit more of a trip to get out into the places that are untouched by civilization…but seriously, in about a three hour journey from Lima you can meet people who have never heard of McDonald’s and who think that the United States is just some distant region of Peru.

That’s awesome!

I think it takes a little bit of an interaction with people like that to put things into perspective and…to most of all…start to realize you’re probably only about one billionth as important as you think you are. Once you just ACCEPT that, life gets a whole lot easier (and actually starts to make a little bit of sense…especially the part about all the bad things that seem to happen to you all the time).

This is a picture of one of the typical boats in Pucalpa that you can rent. Obviously I wasn’t on the boat in this picture (duh…how would I have taken the picture) but the boat I was on was very similar (it probably had a different name, “Anita” instead of “Juana” or something). You get on these boats for like a dime and the guy will drive you around for like three hours.

My long term plan is to go to Pucalpa at some point and just chill out in the jungle for two to five years and do as little as possible. You really don’t have to do all that much since it’s warm all the time, there is plenty of water, and food is pretty abundant in the jungle as well. Like anything else, it’s one of those places that’s going to get commercialized and exploited and soon everyone will be flocking there…but at least most Americans (or people from the US) are TERRIFIED of the jungle (they all think there’s a fish there that will swim up their penis and lay eggs or something).

Well, I’m just hoping to buy my little plantation (about 10 square miles ought to do it) and build my castle and put up my little home for orphans and then just when the rush on the rainforest is BIG…SELL!

How’s that for a plan?

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    that is so badass.

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