Orange Street Sweeper on the Streets of Lima

Man, that guy/girl on the other side of the street has the worst job in the world.  If you spend any amount of time at all in Peru, you’ll see these people walking around in these blaze orange jump suits sweeping the street clean with tiny little brooms and dust pans.

Who’s frickin’ idea was it to have this job?  I mean, how impractical is it that these people have to go out there and sweep the whole street?  How dangerous is it?  I’d really like to know how many of those poor street sweepers get killed in a day.  Unghhh.
The worst of it is that they probably pay these people like S/.6 a DAY.  They sure as hell don’t get hazard pay like oil truck drivers in Iraq do.
Well, at least they get a pretty snazzy uniform with some reflectors on it, not that those are going to stop anybody.  Drivers in Peru are pretty much trained to ignore any kind of road hazard flashing light or indication of anything.
What a way to spend your life huh?  Walking around sweeping up trash.  Writing this has made me depressed, I’m going to go drink a bottle of Pisco.
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