Order your Beers with the Cap ON!

The other day I had a beer on Pizza street, and it reminded me of probably the most important piece of advice you need to remember when walking the streets of Lima…that being, when you order a beer, be sure to tell the waitress to open it AT THE TABLE!

Why you ask? Well that way you know that they’re not slipping unwanted elements into the beer like water or rufies.

This is one of those deals that might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable at first. After all, it is an unusual request and I suppose you could interpret that it kind of makes you look like a jerk. Essentially you’re saying, “I don’t trust you not to water down my beer, open it at the table or I’m sending it back.”

Well, GET OVER THOSE inhibitions. It’s not common courtesy to allow that people serve you watered down beer! That’s stupidity! And if you don’t have them open the bottle at the table, that’s what’s going to happen… Not once in a while, not “infrequently,” you’re going to get watered down beer…EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The other thing to remember about Pizza street is that you shouldn’t sit down at a table before the waiter/waitress has SAID that he/she is going to serve you a free pisco sour. Usually it’s a tiny little garbage pisco sour in a dirty glass, but it’s FREE!

You see, what happens on pizza street is that all these servers hang out by the restaurants and scream at you to come in yelling, “we got pizza, we got beer, we got human life for sale!!!” And it’s ONLY when you are making it pretty clear that you’re going to walk on buy that they start yelling, “free pisco sour!”

Actually, at night the “Free” cry comes out a bit earlier, but during the day, at noon or so, they are reluctant to give you your pisco sour, so always make them SAY THE WORDS! That’s the law of the jungle down here baby.

Remember…have them bring you a beer with a top on it.

Have them bring you a free pisco sour…

Life’s lessons hard learned from a guy who’s drank watered down beer and been denied his free pisco sour…yes, those wounds run deep.

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  1. Paul in Florida

    Ha! Love the tips. I will keep them in mind when I'm in Peru next time.

    Thank you for your sacrifices on Pizza Street. Ha!

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