Ovalo de Miraflores at Night (awesome view of McDonald’s)

This is one of those totally random kinds of pictures that I sort of like. The woman in the front looking at the light is pretty expressive with her body language. I think she’s fed up at having a little red light telling her that she’s not supposed to move. Or maybe she’s fed up at seeing McDonald’s in the middle of one of Lima’s most recognizable areas.
Haha, the other day I posted a random thing about McDonald’s which of course got half the world to comment. It’s funny that when I’m critical of the Catholic church for being a bunch of pedophile enablers, nobody says anything…but if you dare to make a less than stellar comment about McDonald’s…WATCH OUT!
I’m getting a little tired of people calling me a Liberal too. That happens all the time, and I don’t view myself as a Liberal. I took a test and it labeled me as a “Progressive Anarchist” so call me that if you want to call me anything. The reason being called “Liberal” kind of pisses me off is because people mean to use it as a swearword. Here are some other uses of the word “Liberal”:
I would like a liberal serving of chocolate on my ice cream please.
I would like to be paid a liberal salary for what I do, not a conservative salary.

It’s funny though because no matter whether you think of yourself as a “liberal” or a “conservative” you stand for things that could both be called “liberal” or “conservative.” The US military is a great example. It’s a government run program, and it’s not like soldiers get to vote on things before they run into battle. Or how about big business. Excuse me but any country that runs up 17 trillion dollars in debt is not following sound business practices. Government is bailing out big business making them…COMMUNISTS!
But communism isn’t all bad, Jesus was all for it after all.

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