Owen’s Birthday Party

Well, here we are at the English Pub during the late Hours of Owen’s birthday party. This was day two of the surprise party that my wife and I wanted to start celebrating the day before (thus ruining the surprise). For some reason that caused a big problem, for me, the second people are ready to start drinking is pretty much time to celebrate, but whatever.

I actually behaved pretty badly during Owen’s party. Anytime that Owen is sitting there shaking his head, you pretty much know you’ve gone to far, but bah…if you don’t eventually cross the line, you’ll NEVER know where it is.

As for this picture? Well, I decided long ago that I’d intentionally look ridiculous in all pictures that people take of me, that way I can claim I was going for that effect rather than just have it turn out that way without my trying.

Who am I with? Well, I know Phil on the left, the next guy was maybe Ryan? from Australia (Perth, although he doesn’t like the West Coast Eagles, go figure), then comes Steve and finally Owen.

Incidentally, Owen’s eyes are not red from the flash, they’re always like that, it’s just the reflection of the demon inside…notice that my eyes are red too.

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