Pardo’s Chicharon Chicken (Delivery)

Again, I’m tormenting my wife with photos of Peruvian food. In this case, I’m showing you the awesome styrofoam container that is used to bring piping hot Pardo’s Chicharon Chicken to your house. Let me just assure you that when you bite into that ball of succulently prepared chicken, your mouth explodes in a gush of seasoned juicy meat. Pardo’s is yet another reason to visit Peru (Cheap flights to Peru).

One of the things I especially like about Pardo’s is the fries. These are big, beefy fries with lots of potato pulp inside. Some people are more inclined to the less potatoey type of fry (the ones that are super narrow and essentially just a long, square potoato chip), but not me. Heck, I’d be happy if you just dunked the whole potato into the grease and fried it up! Pardo’s fries remind me of the fries you get at amusement parks or water slides or Disneyland. They’re those fat, awesome, unhealthy but DELICIOUS carny fries!

So, if you ever happen to find yourself in Lima (LAN flights) and you’re just sitting around in your hotel wishing somebody would come to your door with a plastic container filled with balls of fried chicken, more salsas than you could ever eat (seriously, they bring you one metric ton of things like mayonnaise, aji, combinations of mayonnaise and aji, and other things that nobody’s ever adequately identified…but which taste great), then give Pardo’s a call. You won’t regret it!

P.S. I think there’s one in New York or something too…but the ones in Peru are BETTER!

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  1. Hines Bourne

    Dammit man I have been fantasizing about these damn things all day. I can't decide between a Cafe San Antonio chicken caesar salad or Pardos' Chicken chicken bombs…

  2. Thomas

    Hey Ben, I live not 3 blocks from Pardo's Chicken and I somehow have avoided those 85g fat / 3000 calorie chicken bombs for almost 2 years now. Now I can't take it anymore. This week I think I shall indulge. Maybe I'll buy them on Thursday to eat on Good Friday like a good lapsed Catholic.

  3. Anonymous

    My neighbor found Cusquena beer in Houston. They have a store called Specs where he got it from. I am not a fan of the Peruvian beer just the memories and the beer goes along with many of those good times….


  4. Anonymous

    I'm a Norky's man myself. Not the one in Jose Pardo because they charge an extra 5 soles on top of most things and even give you smaller portions than the other outlets, just cos it's in Miraflores.

    I went to Pardo's in Plaza Lima Sur and the portions were small, the chips (fries) were plain, and the aji was that non-spicy milky/mayonnaise type and not the lovely spicy yellow stuff you get in Norky's. They also charged per glass of fizzy, whereas in Norky's they just bring along a cool 1.5 litre bottle of Inka Cola for about the same price. I could go to Norky's and just eat chips with a bowl of their aji. And their parrilla combo for two will last you all week.

    I've only been to the Norky's outlets in Chorrillos and Jiron de la Unión by Plaza de Armas, they may be other disappointing branches out there like the one in José Pardo.

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