Parque Kennedy Sitting Stones

I assume they’re for sitting, unless there’s somebody out there with a really big set of Legos!

Speaking of Legos, now there’s a toy with staying power.  Tell me folks…honestly, when you go to the toy shop with your kids do you find yourself gravitating towards the Lego section?
When I was young I always used to go straight towards the Legos and stand there and look at them and not buy anything because the Legos were always too darned expensive.  To this DAY I still just gaze wistfully at Legos and don’t even consider buying them because I know I can’t afford them.
I remember I always used to want to buy a cool Lego castle.  You know, they had these cool castles with knights and guys with swords and crossbows.  Anyway, I saved and saved and finally was able to afford the absolute cheapest Lego castle.  It was only four straight walls and a tower, but it was mine!  I put it together and stuck it on the shelf.  I liked it so much, I never even played with it.  Come to think of it…I don’t even know what happened to the darn thing.
Anyway, I got over my burning addiction to Legos when I got into High school or so, but right about then, my brother started his “Lego accumulation” efforts.  Right away, he bought this massive Lego castle which was like octagonal in shape with towers and spires on every angle, and it also had like four different levels.
I was flabbergasted.
“How the hell did you afford to get something like that?”
My brother just shrugged.
It was a mystery the whole time we were growing up.  
He had all the transformers too.  Not just the regular old ones, but the big, massive ones that transformed into fortresses and whatnot.  These things were like $80 to $100 each.  But we couldn’t ever get a straight answer as to where the money was coming from, so we just assumed that our parents loved my brother more and were giving him everything.
Years later, my brother finally admitted that he had a little business going.  You see, back then, we used to have a de-scrambler for our satellite dish.  Naturally this allowed us to get the porn channels.  My brother, being an entrepreneurial genius, used to record 12 hours of porn on a VHS tape (using the slow play feature) and then sell these tapes to his friends at school for like $50.  He had a whole porn ring going on in the eighth grade!
Pretty good story!  It’s not like he was selling drugs…thank god he wasn’t because my parents clearly would have never noticed the influx of money.
I’ve got to hand it to my brother though.  Way to own and operate a successful business at age 13.  It had never even occurred to me to do something like that, and it’s pretty rare that I’m totally surprised.
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