Peru A Country Without Corruption–With Everyone’s Help

Ok, so the police have put up a sign in Barranco which says, “Peru: a country free of corruption, with everyone’s help.”  Well…whatever.
The fact is that the police are one of the main sources of corruption in Peru make this poster especially ironic.  I wonder if the whole thing was bought with bribes?
And I speak out of irritation because there have been a couple times when I’ve been shaken down by the cops in Peru.  Usually you can get away with paying only S/. 10 or S/. 20…which is a lot cheaper and more convenient than dealing with non-corrupt police officers actually…but the point remains–don’t go putting up anti-corruption billboards that point the finger outwards rather than…well…down toward the shield.
Now, if there was some sort of billboard representing congress on the other side of the street then this whole thing would make sense. I’ll go and look for one the next time I’m out running.

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