Peru Is Failing At Pisco Exportation

The other day I was having a coffee with Owen and he mentioned how he had recently watched a news program in which they discussed the amount of Pisco that Peru had exported that year. The figure stuck in Owen’s mind since it was so catastrophically low. I need to independently verify this number, but I’m fairly sure Owen’s interpretation of what was said on the program is accurate–a bigger question mark is whether or not the original TV show was accurate.
Anyway, according to this show, the total number of Pisco exports came to just under 2 million dollars. That’s 2 million for the whole country! I didn’t even get to find out whether that’s profit or the total excluding the cost of the profit, but either way, the number is too low.
To add insult to injury, the number one customer to receive Peruvian Pisco is none other than Chile!
Folks, Peruvian Pisco should be a MAJOR export of Peru. There’s a reason nobody in the world knows about it…nobody promotes it! Now, I’m not saying the government should get involved, I’m saying average Peruvians who own Pisco distilleries should be getting their ass in gear. After all, it’s to their benefit that Pisco become a worldwide phenomenon.
All they have to do is get people like Gaston to promote it a bit more in his international restaurants. Have them give away free Pisco Sours with little cards with the recipe on it or something. To entice him to do this, offer him free Pisco in his restaurants throughout the duration of the promotion. Make it an international fad, it can be done.
How much money do you think Mexico gets from tequila every year? I bet it’s a bit more than 2 million, and Pisco is a superior product! Don’t believe me? Make a margarita with Pisco sometime and get back to me.
2 million would be a good number for ONE independent business, not the total number for all exporters throughout the entire country. That’s ridiculous. This is a goldmine waiting to be exploited. When more people in the world are aware of Pisco, there will be demand. It’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s just a question of when.
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