Peru Should Promote Peruvian Coffee More

The above image is a cup of coffee I got at Cafe Cafe in Larco Mar. It was a nice little deal where they served you three little pitchers, one had hot water, one had milk, and one had coffee. I forget what the name was, but it’s gimmicky little things like this that tourists remember. The coffee was pretty good, but I’m not a coffee psycho so what do I know (all that means is that it’s possible for a restaurant to serve me a cup of coffee I will actually verbally admit I enjoyed).
What I’ve heard is that Peru has a lot of great coffee, but they export it all. This makes zero sense considering how many tourists come to Peru every year. You’d think there would be all kinds of national brand coffee shops throughout Miraflores and Cusco showing off Peruvian coffee in the hopes of developing a demand for exports in other parts of the world. The fact that this does not exist is mind boggling.
I think the thought has always been that there’s not a big demand for Peruvian coffee within Peru–they think Peruvians aren’t going to drink it. But all you have to do is see how Starbucks is taking over like a plague of zombies and you realize it is possible to put in Peruvian coffee shops.
I don’t know who the owner is of Peru’s number one coffee export business, but the guy needs to be slapped upside the head. He’s missing out on a great way to promote his own business as well as Peru and he’s letting it slip through his fingers (like a handful of roasted beans I guess).

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