Peru Vs Uruguay, Sept 5th, 2009

Get this! My wife and I went to check out Peru vs Uruguay this weekend, Sept. 5th, 2009, and Peru WON 1 to nothing! This was especially awesome because I don’t think the national team has won for about 6 games. You should have seen all the people there, they got super frickin’ excited and started dancing and screaming and filling their souls with the kind of joy that can only come when you watch your national team fight their hearts out and emerge victorious. There was a minor scare when Uruguay apparently scored a goal at about 77 minutes, but that was miraculously overturned because of that most bizzare of soccer rules…offsides. Still, we were all thanking the futball gods at the moment and we were rewarded about ten minutes later when Peru drove through the defense, evaded what was pretty close to another offsides call, and scored a victorious goal very late in the game.

For those of you who are visiting Peru, I highly recommend that you go to a national game if you have the chance. Ours was at the Estadio Monumental in Ate and it was a pretty massive awesome stadium I have to say. The popcorn vendors were out in force and the sun shown down upon the field at the arrival of the Peruvian stars. My wife, shown above in the image with the scoreboard revealing Peru’s victorious 1 to nothing final score (incidentally, isn’t it kind of funny that Peru is written in HUGE letters and Uruguay is all small and pathetic?…hahaha!).

Anyway, that’s about it, there will be more on this since I have more pictures, but I can’t write more now because the two jarras de sangria that I just drank are making my head spin and the faster I type the more nauseous I get.

Cheers all….dat dat..datdatdat….datdatdatdat…PERU!

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    I dig the analog clock. Reminds me of the movie Hoosiers!

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