This is Sacsayhuaman again which is one of the coolest places in all of Peru (Cheap Flights to Peru). For those of you who read this blog often, Sacsayhuaman is probably something you recognize, but honestly pictures of this place never get old.  Even this image is just one random chamber of the vast Sacsayhuaman whole.  The place is HUGE, it’s a good place for a picnic, or to bring little kids to run and scamper around and get into trouble (they’re going to exhaust themselves because Sacsayhuman is at elevation and it kind of takes the steam out of you trotting around up there).

They really don’t like it when you climb around and get pictures of yourself whilst standing on those archways…but it’s not like they arrest you or anything.  Heck, nobody even approaches you.  Essentially what happens if you run and stand on top of the arch, is that some dude on the other side of the ruins wearing what is more or less an “official” looking vest or something, blows a little whistle and waves at you.  So you must wave back at him and then more or less look hurried about scrambling down.  I suppose the only way the guy’s going put his head down and make his way determinedly toward you (the dreaded, “I’m about to get chewed out moment”) is if you just blatantly ignore him and then he STILL won’t do anything to you.
My friend Owen recently recounted a moment he had at the Lima airport in which he simply refused to let the authorities search his bags and just walked out of the place in a fury (to the disgruntled desperate whistling of some port authority).  Nothing came of it….Lima is AWESOME (American Airlines Flights)!
(Things like airport security checks would be the first thing to go if I were emperor of the world.  I figure if EVERYBODY’S armed, it’s a fair fight and the carnage will be sorted out appropriately.  This is the kind of legislation that conservatives say they stand for…and the second one of them runs on a platform like that I’ll vote for him/her…but they’re too cowardly to do it).