Peruvian Chicken Tastes Better

The other day my “cunado” (brother-in-law), grilled up some chicken that was absolutely awesome! I don’t know what it is about Peruvian chicken that makes it a billion times better than American chicken, but the results are in the first bite.
I suppose the difference is that you actually have a decent chance of getting something that’s actually a chicken when you order chicken in Peru. In the US, you’re likely to get some growth-hormone injected monstrosity, or something that’s been artificially constructed from component parts.
It’s bizarre what Americans have accepted in terms of their food source. It’s to the point where an American traveling abroad can take a bite of real, actual chicken (the kind that walks around on a farm with feathers, only to spit it out thinking, “that tastes nothing like chicken” (because s/he is used to some artificial chicken replacement flavor).
Ironic that the phrase “it tastes like chicken” is so ubiquitous, although most people don’t even know what that flavor is.

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