Peruvian Lemons Cure Everything! Hangovers, Arterial Bleeding…Everything!

I’m serious, Peruvian Lemons rock. First of all, it’s impossible to make a good Pisco Sour here in the US because there aren’t any Peruvian Lemons…and even if there WERE Peruvian Lemons, they wouldn’t be FRESH Peruvian Lemons and really, as we all know, it’s the FRESHNESS that brings all the flavor and the magic.

Speaking of magic, a Peruvian Lemon is about 95% of all Peruvian health care. Yeah, you’re laughing, but that’s foolish because there are two great things about Peruvian Lemons when used as health care: 1. They WORK 2. They’re FREE (well, not all the way free, but compared to the cost of the second mortgage it takes for you to pay for a doctor to handle a hangnail in the US, they’re as close to free as anything you’re ever going to encounter in this world or the next).

Many’s the day I’ve been sitting around in Peru thinking I was on the verge of death due to some sort of stomach problem or mild headache, only to have somebody serve me Lemons in one form or another (usually the juice), only to lead to my instant recovery in about an hour and a half.

Lemons are for EVERYTHING! It’s how Peruvians make they’re awesome Ceviche, it’s how they make their Pisco Sours, you put it in a tea when you get cold, you take a shot of Lemon juice with water to cure a hangover (it really frickin’ works). The Peruvian Lemon ROCKS! Oh how I miss the Peruvian Lemon. Even to this day when I go to a supermarket, I find myself looking for a bag of Lemons just because that’s something you BUY when you go to the supermarket. LEMONS!

They do have something similiar here in the USA, they’re called “Limes” but they’re bigger, greener, and just not as magical. Probably because of all the human growth hormone they have to inject all the produce with here in the US to get the food items so big, and to knock all the seeds out of the watermelos…shesh…

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  1. 09/28/2016

    This is the recipe I used for Pisco Sours here in the US. Not as good as the real deal, but I've never had any complaints!

  2. 09/28/2016

    I think Key Limes are from Key West Florida… idk… could be wrong on that and I am sure Jerry will correct me as he does you…

    anway, DAMN YOU BEN!!! stop reminding me of Pisco Sours!! I am going to have you to get me some the next time you mention them!!! and while you are at it, you can have whoever send it to send you some lemons!

  3. Anonymous

    Try looking for "key Limes", they are pretty close, not perfect, but close. they have them in California, not sure about other areas.

  4. 09/28/2016

    it takes alot to send produce back to america. so the pain of doing so just to get peruvian lemos aint worth it. about the only place you might find peruvian lemons is in paterson new jersey.

  5. 09/28/2016

    Anyone know how Tahitian limes compare to Peruvian lemons?

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