Peruvian President Alan Garcia Reportedly Slaps A Protester

Here comes another one of those delightfully absurd stories out of Peru (airline tickets) that I just love.  The thing that the newspapers are reporting is that some guy ran up to Garcia and called him “Corrupt” which prompted the Peruvian president to slap the guy across the face.  Other reports suggest that Garcia’s secret service then took the guy out behind the tool shed and beat the snot out of him (thus pretty much validating the dude’s “Corrupt!” accusation in my book…if it’s all true).

This is one of those stories that the media tends to get a hold of and then blow up into some huge, ridiculous human rights affair.  But honestly, my question is how did this guy get so close to Garcia that the president could reach over and slap him?  I mean seriously, that’s the PERUVIAN HEAD OF STATE and it doesn’t matter what your personal opinion is of the guy, wackos shouldn’t be able to run up to him and scream “CORRUPT!” in his face so loud that the spittle from their mouth ends up on the president’s jacket.
Now, you won’t find any greater champion of freedom of speech than myself, but at the same time screaming obscenities at people in the street isn’t the best catalyst for social change.  If the guy wants the government to be different, he should do the work to get the political backing to run for office…not scream at the president in an alley and get beat up by his secret service.  I mean that’s just kind of stupid.
Also, you’ll notice that the mainstream media hasn’t provided any pictures of this dude either.  Remember that if he’s anonymous it’s easy for EVERYBODY to identify with him, but if we see a picture of him and he happens to be dirty or unattractive or any other of a million possible things, then the public might side with Garcia.
Stories like this are just ridiculous…but then again it’s the type of thing that makes Peru so awesome (American Airlines Flights).  Imagine if Obama slapped somebody in the face, that would be the greatest day ever frankly!

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