Peruvian Priest Accused of Rape in Trujillo

This is the kind of story that really pisses me off for a multitude of reasons.  One is that things like this generally aren’t picked up by the mainstream media because it involves a priest.  Now as much bad press as you think the Catholic church gets…the reality is that they’re super protected because there are a lot of truly nasty stories out there.
The second reason this pisses me off is that I bet you right now the only people who are going to suffer any persecution for this event are the empleada who the priest was raping and her angry husband who took the video (the screen shot is an image from that video).
A friend of mine sent me this link containing this story, you can go there to watch the video in its entirety.  It’s all in Spanish however…but let me give you the rundown.
The woman works as a maid in the Parish.  Well, one day the husband (who had started to suspect something was going on) showed up with a video camera only to discover his wife in bed with the priest.  Later on in the video, the woman says it was sexual assault, and she also reveals that she is 4 months pregnant.
The thing that really pisses me off about this is that the social status of the empleada compared to the priest is almost nothing.  I’ve gone on about this before, but empleadas make almost nothing in Peru, and the reason they put up with all the bullshit of being an empleada is that they NEED the job.  Essentially, if this priest made advances on her she really lacks the social power needed to turn him down.  This represents the greatest possible betrayal of trust and power…the fact that this guy is a priest (and he’s still “working” in that capacity) is the biggest gut shot of all (not that it should surprise anyone really).
I’m not usually in to throwing around that “social status” argument, but in this case it’s clear cut.  Even if the sex was consentual, this guy should still be tried for rape as far as I’m concerned.
Another annoying thing about this video is how the priest has the indecency to take this bullshit “I’m taking charge” attitude when the guy reveals himself.  He starts saying a bunch of crap like, “I fell into a trap” and he has the nerve to tell the guy to calm down.
You know…when I was in Peru I saw this news story about this European pedophile who was caught by the police and he was just laughing because he knew he’d get out of it without any problem.  He had a little bit of money and he knew he was safe.  Likewise…this bullshit priest knows he’s got the upper hand even though this other dude has a VIDEO of him having sex with his wife.
You’d think when people are caught red handed doing something downright evil they’d at least show a little bit of embarrassment, remorse, guilt…I don’t know what.  But these pieces of shit just keep right on going without even the slightest pause.  They can be critical of everyone else in the world, but they never spend one second being critical of themselves.
In the case where you ever come across some priest having sex with your wife…I think a much better tactic is to put down the video camera, scream RAPIST! at the top of your lungs, and then just keep hitting the fucker until he never moves again.  You can sort out the details later.  In the heat of the moment, it’s better to just assume the guy is attacking her and he deserves to die.  The same goes double with pedophiles (you don’t want to risk court with those pieces of shit).

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