Peruvian TV Kicks Ass!

Sooner or later I had to say it, Peruvian TV kicks ass! There are two or three channels that are guaranteed to have something awesome on all the time, and these aren’t even the Premium channels! I actually remember when AXN got launched here in Peru to give us a neverending stream of classics like “Terminator 3,” “Gladiator,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” and other films like that.

At first glance, you might not think these are the awesomest movies of all time…but you’d be wrong! You see, sometimes the televsision knows more about what you’re going to find entertaining than you do! Sure, you could go out and buy a bunch of classics like “The Maltese Falcon,” or “Viva Zapata,” but when push comes to shove, at the end of a hard day’s work, you don’t want to sit down and THINK, you want to sit down and watch thing’s EXPLODE!

Peruvian television is 100% free of pretention (just another contributor to the fact that, on the whole, Peruvians are happier than Americans). They don’t care about what you think about them…no goddamn it, they’re going to SHOW “The Patriot,” not because it’s historically accurate, but because Mel Gibson singlehandidly goes through an entire TROOP of British soldiers aided only by his two pre-pubescent children and a bloddy hatchet.

That IS pretty awesome actually!

And if there isn’t anything good on AXN, you can bet there will be something good on FX, Universal, or TNT.

Peruvian TV is the best TV in the world…my Arnold Schwarzenegger beats your Humphry Bogart…deal with it!

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  1. Anonymous

    Besides for the fact that it takes a person 2 hours to watch a one hour show due to the insane amount of adverts. It is crazy…

  2. gls5000

    The Patriot historically accurate? Yeah right. It's more fantasy from a list of anti-English propaganda films by Mel Gibson. The 'atrocities' were directly lifted from Nazi SS atrocities in WWII. Nice history lesson Mel.

    I'd love to watch some Peruvian TV when the useless cable providers finally get around to installing it.

    Agree with the above poster. Adverts are crazy; I crack up when watching football matches and every time there's a corner, the commentator says 'Corner… de ScotiaBank'. So the match plays are provided courtesy of the banks now are they? The players might as well retire.

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