Petit Thouars From the Cockpit of a Caddy

Owen sent me this picture which is a pretty amusing collage of otherwise jarring images.  In a way, the Cadillac’s hood kind of reminds me of the snout of a shark, and that shitty little Tico crossing the street seems to be the unwitting prey.  I could almost imagine this image on some ridiculous Discovery channel “deep water fishing” show, except the show wouldn’t be about fishing but driving around luxury cars in a city like Lima.

The Policewoman staring off unknowingly into the distance is rather priceless as well, since there’s probably some bullshit law against taking a photo while you’re driving your car (there’s a bullshit law against everything).
The other thing that I like about this image is that the sky is tinted blue.  I’m assuming that this is the effect of a tinted windshield and not some fancy lens on the camera (although maybe they have an app for creating that effect…they have an app for everything else).
You know, if Cadillac was a little smarter, they’d remove the wreath/shield emblem from their hood ornament and make it a glowing skull with laser beams coming out of its eyes.  Just imagine the effect that a couple laser beams would have had on this photo!  Better yet, they should have made it so the laser beams tracked the Tico like in “Predator.”
I think I’ve gone out for a run and ended up at this precise point, it looks vaguely familiar in the way some distant place that you’ve run to occasionally only can.  The Cadillac wasn’t there however, I would have remembered seeing it and diving for the bushes.
Cadillac in Lima…hahaha, the streets aren’t wide enough.  Actually, Owen needs to drive that thing around Cuzco.  I’ll be posting a picture of the full Cadillac tomorrow so stay tuned.
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