Photos of Plaza San Martin

Here are a couple of shots of Plaza San Martin.  As you can see, the plaza is surrounded by very striking old buildings with predominantly white bricks.  The ground in these photos is wet, not from rain, but from the general humidity of Lima.

The sky in Lima is pretty much always a grey blob.  For people who live in Lima year round, the sky gets kind of depressing.  You wouldn’t think that was the case, but just living under that constant gray–sameness starts to wear you out.  There’s something spiritually releasing about being able to look up into a void filled with stars.  I didn’t realize that until after I’d spent a few years in Lima.

Even the two months I was in Peru this summer (Peruvian winter) was enough to make me go a bit stir crazy.  The good news is that stars are easily obtainable when living in Lima.  You can just fly out to Cusco or even go to Cineguilla to see them (and the sun).

Once you’ve gotten your fill of sunshine, Lima is a pretty mellow, reflective place to hang out.  You just have to keep a mental balance by leaving every now and then.


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