Pizza St. Poker Wrap-Up #1

Ahhh, it’s good to be back in Peru playing poker on Pizza St. We missed the presence of Hines Bourne, but he was there in spirit. In fact, we considered calling him up on Skype to ask him procedural questions as to how a street game of Poker should be run.
One of the awesome things about Peru is that you can just go to a local bar with your buddies and sit there and play cards all day long. That’s the kind of basic freedom that you just don’t have in the US. Imagine trying to head down to an Applebee’s with a deck of cards! SCANDALOUS! You’d probably end up in jail and fired from your job. But in Peru the general reaction is….eh.
I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with expats throwing back beers and chasing straight flushes. In a break from tradition, we went with the Chopp on this occasion (seen above–also, it’s pronounced “Ch-AH-pp” not “Ch-OH-PP”). In the past, Los Incas (our preferred Pizza St. Playing location) had a deal where they’d give you 2 bottles of Pilsen (the big bottles…not the 1 liter bottles though…how frickin’ big are those bottles people, like 750 ML?) for S/. 20. Well, we showed up and asked for this and the day shift guy said that didn’t exist anymore and that the price was S/. 15 per bottle. This put a damper on things but what were we going to do? The world gets more expensive every day. However, at the end of the night, the nigh shift lady charged us with the 2 for S/. 20 price and said the day shift guy was an idiot who didn’t know.  Awesome!
It’s good to catch up with people, and I really wish I could record everything that was said last night. However, I have no doubt quite a few people would be really pissed off at me if I did so. Believe it or not, Streets of Lima is a heavily censored site (imagine what it would be like if I told you everything). Still, if you want to hear the real scoop, just come down to Los Incas on Pizza St. next Saturday (June 29) around 4 and join us for an 8 hour Poker marathon. We play for a S/. 10 buy-in and we always end up spending more money on drinks than we lose on Poker…it’s not about taking people’s money, it’s about listening to people’s stories.
Don’t worry about trying to identify us, we’ll be the ones with the chips screaming at the top of our lungs and offending all the ridiculous tourists who shouldn’t be eavesdropping (you’re here for two weeks people, you aren’t in a position to judge what behavior on the “Streets of Lima” is acceptable–I happen to know). See you all…maybe? Just come up and scream “Streets of Lima!” and we’ll greet you with a round of applause.

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