Pizza Street Pisco Sours

Yeah, there are a lot of pompous dipshits out there who turn up their noses at the cheap (well, free) pizza street pisco sours that essentially get thrown at you as you walk down the infamos San Ramon, but to hell with those people. Pizza Street pisco sours are some of the best pisco sours in Lima. They’re awesome becasue half the time they’re served in a glass that, if not at least dirty, has a big nasty lipstick smear on the side or something like that. That’s AWESOME, screw you if you think there’s something wrong with that. What kind of jerk are you who thinks you should be served a drink in a clean glass? Just drink it! There’d be people out there who’d kill for a Pisco Sour so just count yourself lucky.

Actually, I keep trying to start a new tradition with the Pizza Street “Big Beers.” My idea is to take the free pisco sour and dump it into the beer (dirty glass and all) thus making a Peruvian Boilermaker. People need to start doing this. I’m going to write an article to that effect and start spreading it to every media source known to man!
Bitching about a dirty glass….WTF, what kind of alcoholic complains about the cleanliness of the glass! I mean, what are you people aspiring to?

The world is beyond me!

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