Polvos Rosados, a Place to Buy Inexpensive Pirated DVDs

Many of you who have read this blog have probably heard of Polvos Azules. Polvos Azules is internationally known as the best place in Peru to get…well, anything! The place is crazy! You walk in there and there are just rows upon rows of goods and services available at a fraction of their regular cost. Sure, the grand majority of them are just cheap knock offs or pirated DVDs/Software, but most of it works just as well as the real deal (probably because it’s all made by the same people).

Polvos Rosados is the slightly tamer version of Polvos Azules. I only know about it because of driving past. I would never stoop so low as to actually buy a DVD or anything at a place like that! I mean, after all, if you go and buy, say, “Mission Impossible 3” you’re essentially STEALING food right from Tom Cruise’s mouth and giving it, instead, to some impoverished person in a developing nation. I mean, the moral rules you break with such an act are astounding. It’s much better to give Tom Cruise the money so that he can then spend it on a variety of caritable programs of his choosing. You can’t have people going out there and just creating viable occupations for themselves out of thin air! No, all chairty must be approved and filtered through Hollywood.

But for people who don’t share my noble belief, here is what Polvos Rosados looks like from the outside:

When you go in, you’ll find row after row of kiosks with various DVDs available. Many of the displays look like this:
But they also have just big plastic binders with all their titles listed. Seriously, they have just about every movie or item ever made.

I can never figure out how it is that places like this are allowed to operate. Every now and then there are police raids (because it’s illegal to download movies from the internet and then print them onto a DVD and sell them), but Rosados is never closed down for very long. Those people have even learned to scoot out of there fast.


I guess the Peruvian government has just got bigger problems on their hands that worring about whether or not a few American copyright laws are respected or not.

Hey! Here’s a great idea. Hollywood always claims to be extremely liberal, and they always want to help people out in developing nations. Why don’t they just universally declare that it’s LEGAL for people in places like Peru to sell dvds that they’ve downloaded off the internet. Did I mention that the price for one of these DVDs is about 5 Soles (1.66$). This way, Hollywood wouldn’t be providing charity, they’d just be legitimizing an industry that already exists! Where’s the harm in that? They should get a Nobel Peace prize!


I guess we already know what the reaction is going to be to that idea.

Anyway, here’s where Polvos Rosados is so that you can avoid it at all costs and help Tom Cruise get fatter.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well come on! Tom Cruise needs the money so he is able to keep producing those brain washing oops meant to say inspiring, humanity changing Scientology DVDs. Tom's only problem is that they have the wrong DVDs up on those shelves in Polvos Rosados. Tom knows Peruvians would much rather enjoy his Scientology DVDs and he only has their best interest at heart. Give the a guy break!!


  2. 09/28/2016

    Love Polvos Rosados….I got just about the entire series of The Simpsons, a few shirts, sneakers, a copy for Microsoft Office and one hell of a churo all for about $60. As for the police, I always like how there is a cop standing at each door. Is that to make sure no one steals the DVDs of stolen material?

  3. Anonymous

    You can find everywhere this types of products (DVDs) even in usa there is places where you can buy cheaper than a regular store . everybody knows and everybody doesn`t know!!! and nobody says anything.!!!

  4. Anonymous

    I live in Peru… and just so EVERYONE is clear… Polvos Azules is MUCH better. The movies there are about s/2 each and here is a better selection. ALSO, the fake pumas there which run you about s/60-150 are so well made, the puma CEO couldn't tell the difference. Oh, and you forgot to mention the fake Ray Bans at both places that look VERY real. Long story short… go Polvos… just don't go to Azules after dark if you are a gringo… unless you wanna come home stabbed with no money…. yeah Lima

  5. gls5000

    Para empezar, me parece que la hispano-hablante de arriba no se ha dado cuenta del tono muy ironico del blog, y realmente cree que el autor está apoyando a la campaña de aumentar las riquezas de Tom Cruise.

    Anyway, as the Spanish-speaking lady said, they most likely pay the authorities to turn a blind eye. This is pretty much how it works in Peru and why companies like telefonica have been allowed to screw consumers over for so long without politicians batting an eyelid.

    That said, I have absolutely no sympathy for anti-piracy here. With the minimum wage at about 550 soles (about $200) a month, do they really expect people to choose to pay the full retail price of a DVD (about $20) when they can get it for less than a dollar (in real terms I would guess that's like an American on minimum wage paying $100 for a DVD)? An original series box set that I can get for the equivalent of $25-30 in the UK costs about $70 in Peru. Where's the sense in that?

    Careful with the videogames though. Some don't install, some have bugs that make the game unplayable, and of course you have no multiplayer or patch support.

    Also agree that Polvos Azules is better. It's a bit rough compared to Rosados but it's cheaper and has a better selection.

  6. Anonymous

    Entonces si te indigan tanto este tema de DVDs piratas!!! No vayas a POLVOS ROSADOS O POLVOS AZULES Y NO LOS COMPRES!!!!
    El gobierno del Peru, no hace nada, no por que tenga problemas mayores que ver, sino porque estas mafías les pagan a los gobernantes para que no les hagan nada.Ese es el tema con el Gobierno en el Peru, todos son corruptos, desde el Presiendete del Perú, que es el PEOR LADRON DE LA HISTORIA, hasta LOS ALCALDES Y LA POLICIA!
    Yo soy peruana y lo puedo afirmar dia a día.

  7. dfhdgv

    not sure why people say azules is rough. I think its near shopping mall at this point. Banks and atms at every turn. New Cars on display. I think saying azules is rough is a overstatement.

  8. Anonymous


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