Polvos Rosados, the Adventure (and the savings) continue!

Do you see that sign in the upper right-hand corner of this picture? It says “maximum capacity 3 people!” Hahahahaha! who the hell builds a structure that can only hold 3 people? The people of Polvos Rosados that’s who! The more I look at this place, the more I love it. Whenever I’m actually THERE, I never appreciate it so much, but sitting here in the comfort of my own home, writing about it under a strict 12 minute deadline (I have to shower, shave and go teach English classes until 9PM), I find that I am overwhelmed by a warm innner feeling of joy.

It just cracks me up to see all these people just happily going about their business in complete disregard to copyright laws and manufacturing processes that make a bunch of jerk-offs in other nations rich. Look at how totally unnecessary all those rules are! LOOK! When people put their mind to it, they can make anything you need. It’s crazy that so many people willingly submit to the mind control of BUYING things at super inflated prices just because one or two jerks in suits somewhere think they need to dress in 5,000 outfits and own a private Island off the coast of Florida.

News flash…they don’t…so come to Polvos.

Incidentally, did I mention they sell video games for PS2 and virtually everything else there. What’s the asking price? 1.6$. What do you pay in the US? I don’t know, let’s say 50$ by a conservative estimate.

Hmmmm, simple math.

Let’s say you come to Peru and buy 100 PS2 (or whatever you’re using now, I still like the PS2) games. You just spent 160$ and you’re leaving with 5000$ worth of games.

What does that mean?


The rest of the money you spend and anything you get for it is FREEEEEEEEEEE!

Plus you’re helping out poor people in a developing country like everybody claims they want to do but nobody ever actually does.

Another interior shot maestro!

That’s right, designer babies clothes that would have cost you 50,000$ each. Here it’s like 3$. Think of how much you save! You can spend all the money you would have spent in the whole rest of your life and still have it to spend afterwards! hahahahahahaha! Polvos is awesome! And the best part is (and I keep harping on this…but I love this point)…not ONE dollar goes to some rich jerk-off to buy his luxury yacht! It all goes to Poor people! Polvos Rosados is the most humanitarian place in the world to do your shopping!

Look at the DVD selection!

There’s got to be like two hundred million DVD options just in that packet alone! Movies you’ve never heard of! Movies with guys like Chuck Norris, or Robert DeNiro, or Matthew McConoguhay (that IS the correct spelling), or Monica Bellucci, or Justin Timberlake (and don’t think I just looked up today’s hot searches on Yahoo to write this…all their movies are there…what’s that one crappy movie Timberlake’s in…yeah…it’s THERE).
So, what are you waiting for? Go to sidestep.com or kayak.com or cheaptickets.com and come to Peru where you can steal from the rich and give to the poor the Polvos Rosados way!
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  1. 09/28/2016

    But what drives me nuts… at least here in Cusco, is that the pirated CDs are usually NFG. You play them 3 times and they skip all over the place.

    Maybe it's just in Cusco.

  2. And they usually have the movie before it is in theaters. I had Star Wars 3 like 2 weeks before it was released.

  3. Marelli P

    OMG i love this post..
    Extremely cheap video games and dvd's is why i love my country 🙂

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