Protest on 2 de Mayo Regarding Combi Route

As I was walking along with a friend of mine in search of some good Sushi (not hard to find in Lima) we came across a small protest regarding the routes of the local Combi busses. A couple weeks ago, there was a major protest by the combi drivers who are upset about the recent decision to prohibit their passage on Jose Pardo. On that occasion, they drove their busses out and parked all around the Ovalo de Miraflores for a few hours in the morning.

Apparently, that protest didn’t work because they’re still prohibited from using Jose Pardo and are now forced to take 2 de Mayo instead.

Well, the thing about combis is that they’re kind of loud, they drive too fast, and they’re absolutely crazy. So my impression is that this time the people that are protesting are those that live on 2 de Mayo who are fed up with having their street turned into a drag race/bumper car track 24/7 (you can also tell it’s not combi drivers protesting because there aren’t a bunch of combis parked everywhere).

Seeing the group of people and police officers standing about, I whipped out my camera to shoot a 9 second video (which is a good amount of time to go unnoticed…it’s not my fight after all, and I was hungry). I know, I know, I need to work on my on camera banter…I’m not quite Bear Grylls yet (although I did sleep in a feather bed last night…haha).

As far as the combi problem goes, I keep saying what Lima needs is a Subway! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to casually walk the streets without constantly dodging aside to avoid getting run over? Sigh, but I know if the combis were gone I’d miss them…so who knows? Maybe if they just passed another ordinance to disable all car horns (and alarms) in Lima…that might just bring a temporary peace, but, regarding peace, that’s the best you generally get.

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  1. Anonymous

    De hecho, ya se está construyendo la primera línea de metro (aquí le dicen "tren eléctrico"), puede observar el plan de las líneas para el futuro:
    Y puede ver las imágenes de los avances recientes aquí:
    (esta línea estará terminada para junio del 2011)
    Peeero la línea no pasará por donde usted vive (la línea 1 es la de color verde, que actualmente la están construyendo), por donde usted vive pasará un sistema de bus llamado ""el metropolitano", usted puede informarse de esto aquí:

    Actualmente (abril 2010) el Metropolitano va a estar listo para junio, y el 15 de mayo (no es fecha exacta) ofrecen viajes gratis para acostumbrar a la gente a este sistema, ¡asi que aproveche!


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