Random Cell Phone Pictures

I swear, cell phone pictures abide in like the 7th circle of hell. I mean…where do these images come from? I suppose the fact is that when you get really loaded, the only camera that you have available is your cell phone, so these weird images accumulate there and you only see them later when you download the chip and you’re like “what the f……”

For example, I have no idea whose sombrero that is or why I figured it was a clever idea to wear it and try to look pensative. Oh hell, it’s a drinking culture…never trust a man who doesn’t drink as they say. That’s a pretty nice sombrero too I have to say, it matches my shirt well. Nice composition (oh, and this is now the primary screen on my wife’s cell phone).

I assume this second image was a little later on the same night:
The following image I do vaguely remember, we were sitting in the movie theatre waiting for the 3D version of Beowulf to start (I think it was Beowulf, we’ve seen Beowulf, Bolt and Monsters vs Aliens in 3D). Beowulf was actually pretty decent, although too frickin’ intesne for young kids…this I know becasue it freaked ME out so kids must have been terrified…then again it seems like kids these days are always more resiliant than I think they’re going to be…exemplified by the fact that they’re often to be found standing over me offering comfort as I cringe in terror at the images of films like Beowulf 3D.

“It’s OK Ben, it’s only a movie…it’s only a movie…”

Here I am at Tom’s house according to Zulma. That’s Clyde lurking in the background, you might remember him from this article (it’s a video actually).

And here’s me hard at work. Yes, as much as I like to pretend otherwise, I do spend a huge amount of my day just sitting there in front of my computer. These articles don’t write themselves you know. I thought this was a rather poetic looking image. That desk is a lot more cluttered now incidentally:

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