Rhemalda Publishing Stops By For a Visit

Yesterday Rhett and Emmaline Hoffmeister pulled into Chippewa Falls for a visit.  They’re on a four year world tour to seek out new publishing venues, crash some big ticket conventions, and boldly go where no publisher has gone before. In the above picture, I’m holding my daughter and standing next to Rhett behind his two sons.  The vehicles pretty much contain the entire publishing empire, and I have to say I was flattered by the choice of the text for the license plate.

It was a blast finally meeting Rhett and Emmaline and discussing a whole bunch of fun and exciting ways to move forward, get more visibility, and create more wonderful books.  I left them with a half-completed manuscript which is pretty much a compilation of the best stories I gathered while living in Peru, and they gave me the thumbs up to hunker down and polish it off (in case you were wondering Hines, this is the manuscript that includes your story of ending up in Chilean prison).

By the time we were done, we’d wrestled a couple tigers, challenged a male Yak, fled a charging elk, and encountered the white bison (there was only one).  Plus, I learned how to make fry sauce as Rhett expertly whipped up a batch on his plate at Heckel’s Restaurant (formerly known as the Big Steer).

I’ll be looking forward to hearing some of the adventures shared by the other writers in the Rhemalda family.  Thanks for coming by Rhett and Emmaline!  This is exactly the shot in the arm I needed to get me pounding a couple more keyboards into oblivion!

Oh, and I told them to go and visit The House on the Rock…hehehe!

For those of you who haven’t already, make sure you do me a favor a pick up my books Beyond Birkie Fever and The Bone Sword over at the Rhemalda Bookshop!  If you happen to write a review somewhere, please let me know!  Also, add Birkie and Bone Sword to your cart on Amazon.com!

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