Rodney Dodig and Larry Pitman’s “Sacrifice” Stars the real Lima, Peru

I spent last week at the beach in Los Organos just north of Mancora and I had the opportunity to catch up on some of my reading. This book has been sitting in my kindle for longer than I ever anticipated, so I’m glad to finally have the chance to review it.

I know Rodney Dodig and Larry Pitman from my days as the editor of Living in Peru. Both of them provided great articles on a regular basis, and they’ve both put in the heavy living to establish themselves as talented writers.

You won’t be disappointed with Sacrifice. It’s a fast paced, effective murder mystery that takes place in Lima. Although the tale of a burned out cop and a plucky reporter is interesting in itself, I was probably most taken with the authentic representation of Lima, Peru. The co-authors don’t hesitate to discuss real places, traditions and quirks of this city, and you can instantly tell they’ve spent a significant time walking the streets of Lima’s many districts.

In Sacrifice you essentially get a standard detective story that is turned on its head by the unique environment of Lima, Peru. This turns out to be a very effective way to present Lima and discuss its unique personality. Give this one a look! ¬†For more insights, check out my review on Amazon here (and give it a few “helpful” votes).

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